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Advanced Telehealth Coordinator Certificate

Telehealth initiatives hold exciting potential to address healthcare access issues in Delaware and beyond, whether from shortfalls in critical healthcare specialties, or in under-served geographic locations. Telehealth also provides innovative ways to meet the demands of an aging population, reduce inappropriate use of emergency departments, prevent hospital readmissions, bring care to the most appropriate setting and more.

UD’s Advanced Telehealth Coordinator Certificate program highlights the benefits and opportunities of telehealth implementations like:

patient videoconference visits with medical practitioners
virtual mental health and counseling appointments
virtual access to specialists in rural and high-need areas
remote patient monitoring programs
personalized follow-up programs for patient treatment regimens
mHealth (mobile health), eICU (electronic intensive care unit) and more
This certificate program provides the foundations of telehealth for participants interested in utilizing telehealth for the delivery of healthcare, including technology evaluation, business and operational considerations, regulations, ethics, privacy and more.

The Advanced Telehealth Coordinator Certificate program is offered in a flexible online format with some scheduled requirements and assignments.

Advanced Telehealth Coordinator Certificate
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