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Fundamentals of Telemedicine

Why telehealth?
Telemedicine is here to stay and become more comprehensive andintegrated.
There is a strong demand for every telemedicine practitioner tohave a formal training certificate to maintain patient safety andquality of care to high standards.
There are 3 main challenges in the use of telehealth use byclinicians:
Telehealth literacy
(Basic knowledge if the technology)
Effective communication in remote access
Ethical & Legal implications
in virtual consultation context
Why is it important?
Clinicians will be fully liable if the relevant good practice guidelinesare not followed and it is expected that individuals get formal skilldevelopment as part of their continued professional development.
What does this course offer?
This online self-directed learning resource provides a structuredcourse content which is user friendly and very relevant to thepractical challenges of becoming a telemedicine clinician.
The course director is American board certified telehealthpractitioner What does this course entail?
This course includes:
7 modules, each approximately 45 minutes of study time.
Modules cover:
Evolution of telemedicine
Digital healthcare ecosystems
Technological basics
Setting up a telehealth clinic
Ethical and legal challenges
Art of virtual consultations & communications
References for further consolidation of learning
Reflective writing for a personalised account of individual practice
Quiz assessments
How do I enroll on to this course ?
Email to get enrolment instructions. The directpayment option is also there from the course webpage.
We encourage emailing first as individual access can be facilitated.
What is the course fee?
Full access and certificate of completion with MedRet Academyaccredited 5 CPD points
£ 50.00
Next steps?
Email us on

Fundamentals of Telemedicine
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